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Del Val United Football Club

The DVUFC is committed to being ORGANIZED, TRANSPARENT, and acting with INTEGRITY.  DVUFC is building a sustainable program that will be a feeder program that will include all the kids regardless of size and location.


Choosing a practice facility that is fair to everyone was our ultimate objective, one that doesn't punish you if you live in northern Holland Twp or southern Kingwood Twp as we appreciate the distances involved. DVUFC (all levels) will practice and play all home games at the Delaware Valley Regional High School at 19 Senator Stout Road in Alexandria Twp.


DVUFC wants a league that is increasing or stable in size.

DVUFC wants a league that allows for ALL players regardless of size to play. The success of our High School Team isn't based upon kids that are a certain size, it is based upon the success of all kids in the District. Considering our high school size, NO kid can get left behind when playing sports. While every kid deserves that opportunity to play, the undersized kids deserve the opportunity to play safely.


DVUFC has elected to play in the New Jersey Suburban Youth Football League! NJSYFL is a league that is flourishing and growing with 25 teams, and is expanding westward across NJ. It is a league that provides us competition that aligns with who the high school will play. DVUFC will be matched with sending districts that are Group 1 and Group 2 in size. NJSYFL also allows for all kids to play, regardless of their size. 

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